Movie Stimulus


A simple movie stimulus that gets its frames from a stimulus group and presents them at a specified frame rate.

Note: For compatibility with previous MWorks versions, this stimulus ignores the deferred parameter. Instead, the stimulus instance itself is marked as loaded at creation (as if deferred were no), but it does not automatically load its frame stimuli (as if deferred were explicit). However, explicit load and unload actions will load/unload the frames along with the movie stimulus itself.



Required Parameters


Stimulus group providing the frames


Rate at which to display the movie’s frames

Optional Parameters


Variable that will be set to true after the last frame has displayed. (Specifically, it will be set to true at the time that the next frame after the last would have been drawn, if there were one.)



If YES, the presentation will repeat indefinitely (or until Stop Dynamic Stimulus is invoked)



Number of times to repeat the presentation. Note that the presentation will always run at least once, even if this value is less than one.

If loop is YES, this parameter is ignored.


Options:no, yes, explicit

Controls when the stimulus is loaded. If no, the stimulus is loaded at experiment load time. If yes, the stimulus is loaded the first time it is queued. If explicit, the stimulus must be loaded explictly with Load Stimulus.



If YES, the stimulus will start playing automatically (as if by an implicit Play Dynamic Stimulus action) after it has been queued and Update Stimulus Display has been invoked. It will also stop playing automatically (as if by an implicit Stop Dynamic Stimulus action) after it has been dequeued and Update Stimulus Display is invoked.