Begin Averaged Calibration Sample


Instruct a calibrator object to start computing an average of its input value(s).

The purpose of this action is to allow the user to calibrate against a time average over each of the input values, rather than against just the values at a particular instant in time. This action prompts the specified calibrator to start averaging over its inputs.

The averaging must be stopped with either of the End Averaged Calibration Sample or End Averaged Calibration and Ignore actions. Thus, the total time to average is at the user’s discretion and is generally based on either a sufficient time or the fact that another condition has arisen (e.g. fixation broken for eye calibrators).



Required Parameters


Name of the calibrator


Allowed at top level:


Allowed parent:

Block, Conditionally Execute Actions (if), List, On Exit, Protocol, Render Actions, Repeat Actions (while), Schedule Actions, Task System State, Trial, Unconditionally Execute Actions (else), Variable