Run Blackrock LED Driver

Available on macOS


Run a Blackrock LED Driver for the specified duration. The desired channel intensities must have been set previously.

If the duration or any channel intensities have changed since the last run, the complete LED program must be sent to the driver before the presentation can begin. This transfer takes about 100ms to complete. If this delay is undesirable, you can force it to happen at an earlier, more convenient time by invoking Prepare Blackrock LED Driver with the desired duration. (Note that you must pass the same duration to both “prepare” and “run”, and you must not change any channel intensities between them. Otherwise, the LED program will still need to be re-sent before the presentation begins.)



Required Parameters


Device name


Run duration (microseconds)


Allowed at top level:


Allowed parent:

Block, Conditionally Execute Actions (if), List, Protocol, Render Actions, Repeat Actions (while), Schedule Actions, Task System State, Trial, Unconditionally Execute Actions (else), Variable