calibratable object

Component that provides the “true” values associated with a calibration sample

variable codec

One-to-one mapping between event codes and their associated variables

component codec

One-to-one mapping between numeric component identifiers and component names

default stimulus display

The stimulus display created automatically by an experiment. An experiment will create a default stimulus display only if (1) it requires one and (2) it contains no stimulus display devices with non-empty display_info parameters.


Trio consisting of an event code, time, and value. Primarily used to announce changes to variable values in the event stream.

event code

Integer code associated with an event. Typically identifies the variable whose value has changed, although some system event codes have no associated variable.

event file

On-disk copy of the event stream. Contains a record of everything that happened in an experiment, as indicated by changes to variable values.

event stream

Stream of events generated by a running experiment. Provides continuous updates on the state of the experiment to MWClient and other online observers. Stored in the event file for offline analysis.

selectable object

Component that supports selection-related actions (e.g. Accept Selections). Protocol, Block, Trial, List, and Selection Variable are all selectable objects.

stimulus display

A computer monitor or other physical screen (or portion of such a screen) on which visual stimuli are displayed