MWorks is a suite of applications and libraries for designing and running realtime experiments, particularly in the domains of psychology and neurophysiology.

It provides high-level tools for specifying experimental flow, including hierarchical constructs such as blocks and trials, as well as finite state machine constructs like states and transitions. It enables fine control over a wide range of input and output devices, such as displays, data acquisition systems, and general purpose input/output (GPIO) devices. In addition, for vision researchers, it includes a rich set of visual stimuli.

MWorks was originally created for conducting visual neurophysiology experiments, but it was designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind.

Using this Documentation

If you are new to MWorks and/or looking for guidance on how to install, configure, and use the software, check out the User Guide.

If you want detailed information on a specific component, tool, etc., please see the Reference Manual.

Other Resources

If you have questions or problems that this documentation does not address, try searching the MWorks support site or browsing its knowledge base.

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